Brand profile

Tumama(Tumama Kids) brand, is a unique global baby toys brand. Headquarter located in ShenZhen, China. Established in 26th, May, 2018, brand registered in 15 developed countries, obtained toy compliance safety certifications, copyrights, and patents in China, North America, the European Union, Australia, and the Middle East.
Tumama team focus on R&D and manufacture of toys for 0-36 months baby, our product sell all round the world, product series included: cognitive series, soothing series, sleep & selax series, building series, music & light Series, pretend play series.
Since Tumama’s establishment, we comply with the R&D standard of unlimited creation, unlimited quality management. From 2018 to 2021, during our service to 3 million parents from all over the world, Tumama team keep collecting early educational ideas, meanwhile take worldwide culture different into product design consideration. Iterate and upgrade product according to user feedback. Trace back to our original focus “creation”, continuous design more innovative products to parents and baby, offer more effective service.

Origin of brand

“Tu”: Cute, naive, lively and clever.
“MAMA”: A great and warm person to nurture and shelter us.
“Tumama”: Is transliterated by Chinese “兔妈妈”. Since “Tumama”is not representative in foreign languages, “u”is designed as a animal facial image with flexibility and regular and we decorate bunny ears in orange as the spirit to make it lively and associated. These elements will stand out its uniqueness and enhance it memorable.
“Kids: Means kids. Use orange to emphasize our priority objects, means we cater to Kids.

Tumama Kids is a maternal and child brand image, which was designed by the combinational elements of letters and three colors(Orange, White, Grey) via Illustrator.
“兔妈妈/Tumama Kids”is a maternal and child brand to devote to offering International design product for young parents.

Target clear

Tumama has a clear vision, mission, values, which is the greatest value of tumama team.
We believe that extraordinary perseverance in the ordinary will always be rewarded...


The mission is the value of the Tumama team.

Our mission

Baby growth accompanied with curiosity and imagination!


The vision is what the Tumama team wants to achieve.

Our vision

Baby first toys start from Tumama!


The value is the standard for the Tumama team from vision to mission.

Our values

With curiosity and imagination, there is no best, only better!

Core competitive strength

We need it all the time:
Tumama is closed to baby’s need.
Tumama is creation is valuable.
Tumama is sustainable development.

Nine core competitive strengths, help Tumama to step forward firmly.
Committed to concentrate on baby, build the connection between baby, parents and products.

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