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Giraffe Hanging rattle toy, soft baby hanging toy with teether stroller car seat crib plush activity toys for newborn infant 0 Month+

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Product No.: TM274-BP
Type: Baby Mobiles
Tags: 0-12 Months, Soothing Toys for Newborn
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1. Engaging Design: The Giraffe Hanging Rattle Toy with Teether is crafted with vibrant colors and patterns that captivate your baby’s attention, stimulating visual development. The adorable giraffe character is not just cute but also aids in enhancing your child’s sensory awareness.

2. Teething Relief: Equipped with a safe and BPA-free teether, this toy provides comfort to babies during the teething phase. The soft yet durable material is perfect for biting and chewing, offering relief from sore gums. The teether is designed to be gentle on your baby’s gums, providing them with the much-needed relief they need during the teething phase.

3. Interactive Elements: The rattle produces gentle sounds that engage infants’ auditory senses. Additionally, various textures on the giraffe invite touch exploration, promoting tactile development. The toy is designed to be interactive, encouraging your baby to explore and learn through play.

4. Easy Attachment: Featuring a convenient hanging loop, this rattle toy can be easily attached to strollers, car seats or cribs. It ensures that entertainment is always within reach, making it an ideal companion for travels and outings. The toy is designed to be portable and easy to use, making it perfect for parents on the go.

5. Safety First: Safety is our priority. Made with high-quality materials that are free from harmful chemicals, parents can have peace of mind knowing that this toy is safe for their baby to play with and chew on. The toy is designed to be safe and durable, ensuring that your baby can enjoy it for years to come.

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