Construction building toy with hammer and screwdriver for kids
Pretend play with construction building woodwork toy
Toddler's role play toys with pretend play toolset
Imaginative play featuring construction fun with toy toolset

Pretend play toy toolset, construction building woodwork toy with hammer screwdriver bag role play toys for toddler kids 3 Years+

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Product No.: TM269
Type: Pretend Housekeeping
Tags: 3-6 Years,
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1. Quality and Safety First: Every piece in this set, from the cotton tool bag, vest, and hat to the plastic tools and realistic fire extinguisher, is crafted with child-safe materials ensuring hours of safe play.

2. Realistic Tools for Imaginative Play: Equipped with a saw, hammer, and other essential tools made of durable plastic, kids can engage in creative play scenarios that stimulate their imagination while enhancing motor skills.

3. Dress the Part: The set includes a cotton vest and hat designed with attention to detail. The sturdy yet comfortable fabric ensures durability while allowing kids to fully immerse themselves in their imaginative roles.

4. Educational Fun: Beyond entertainment, this toolset aids in the cognitive development of children by promoting problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity through interactive play.

5. A Gift that Keeps on Giving: Whether it’s for a birthday or just because – gifting this toy toolset means offering endless hours of constructive play that is as educational as it is entertaining.

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