Four reasons to join US

Caring the growth of children, we are seeking all kinds of jobs. If you are fond of children, if you have curiosity, if you are interested in TUMAMA, join US!

Flat organization

Build internal ERP system to reach a paperless and high efficient official environment. Few or no levels of middle management between staff and executives to realize the equality, given a relaxed and freedom working atmosphere.

Remuneration and benefits

Focus on remuneration and benefits, for employee to get higher than average and create more value for tumama kids.

Mutual progress

Talents are treasures of Tumama. Provide you a challenging job with practical experience as well as intensive personal training. Meanwhile care about their career planning, enable mutual growth on both employee, baby and tumama kids.

Sustainable development

From 26th, May,2018, we decided to develop a well-known “Tumama” brand by comprehensive branding and marketing support. Fast development is not what we pursue, we’d rather prefer spend reasonable time to run step by step and keep it well-developed.


We focus on child therefore we need to maintain the childhood curiosity.


Use imagination creatively, think actively. Creation makes Brand/Products vigorous.


Fond of child, embracing work and life, that is our attitude.