6 Top Baby Toys for Going Out with Your Baby

Baby Toys for Going Out with Your Baby
Moms choosing the right toys when taking their babies out will make your outing smoother and happier.

On a nice day, there's nothing better than taking your kids for a walk in the park, having fun playtime, or even going out for a nice dinner with friends. Moreover, these outings not only make mothers happy, but are also good for the growth and development of babies. Breathing fresh air, exploring new environments, and encountering different people when your baby goes out are all helpful for their cognition and learning.

Understanding the importance of these outings, Tumama has carefully selected 6 of the best toys for mothers to take with their babies when going out. Not only are these toys fun, they also aid your baby's cognitive and physical development.

1. Baby Rattle Teether Toys

As the baby grows and develops, the fine movements of the hands develop rapidly. Babies at this stage like to explore the outside world through their hands and mouth. Biting things can provide sensory stimulation to the baby's mouth and promote brain development. Toys such as teethers can encourage babies to chew on objects, especially those about to erupt deciduous teeth, to relieve gum swelling. This teether toys with various designs and shapes will undoubtedly have a very good soothing effect on babies who are out with their mothers. Moreover, its design is easy for children to grasp and can be loved by babies. The most important thing is that Tumama is made of high-quality materials, making it fully suitable for babies to chew, so mothers can buy it with confidence.

Baby Rattle Teether Toys

2. Black and White Cloth Book

The eyes of newborns gradually develop fully over time. Generally speaking, their development process can be divided into four stages: black-and-white vision stage, black-and-white to color transition vision stage, color vision stage, and stereoscopic vision stage. Around 0-6 months old, babies are in the black-and-white vision period. At this time, it is best to often read black-and-white cloth books or black-and-white cards to babies, which can train their eyesight focusing ability, ability to distinguish object outlines, and visual discrimination. Thereby stimulating the baby's visual cognition. Tumama's soft black and white cloth book is undoubtedly a great toy for mothers to interact with their babies when they go out. Moreover, this cloth book has a hanging loop on it, making it easy to carry.

Black and White Cloth Book

3.Baby Stroller Giraffe Arch Toy

This winding giraffe hanging toy comes in bright colors. Our designers designed its giraffe body to be wrapped around so that it can be attached to various types of arch poles and is easy to remove, especially suitable for your baby's various strollers. The body of the giraffe toy also has monkey, elephant, and tree-shaped hanging objects, making it within easy reach of the baby sitting in the stroller. With such a toy hanging on the stroller to attract the baby's attention and accompany the baby to play, I believe that the baby will not cry or fuss throughout your outing time, allowing you to have a smooth and happy journey. Therefore, mothers worth having such a portable stroller hanging toy!

Baby Stroller Giraffe Arch Toy

4. Baby Security Blanket

Have you ever seen such a multi-functional baby saliva wipe? It can be used as a saliva wipe to wipe away baby's saliva when you go out, and it can also be used as a soft cotton blanket to cover the baby when you go out. The unique shape design makes it Become a small stuffed toy that attracts baby's attention. This soft multifunctional blanket can be said to be a good helper for mothers when taking their babies out. Moreover, this saliva wipe has undergone strict testing and is safe and harmless to babies. This plush blanket is undoubtedly one of the must-have items for mothers when taking their babies out.

Baby Security Blanket

5. Baby Giraffe Rattle Toy

Tumama's baby toys strive to be high-quality and functional, and this plush giraffe toy does just that. The careful style design can instantly attract the baby's attention. The high-quality cotton filling makes it soft to the touch. There is also a star rubber ring buckle at the bottom of the toy for baby teething. Such baby toys can give your baby unlimited joy in time when you take your baby out, allowing the mother to smoothly and happily participate in dinner parties with friends. Therefore, when mothers go out and need their babies to play quietly, be sure to bring this Baby giraffe rattle toy.

Baby Giraffe Rattle Toy

6. Montessori Hand Grasping Ball

Montessori hand catching can promote the coordinated operation of the baby's brain and muscle system, cultivate fine motor abilities, and promote the coordinated development of body and mind. Tumama's baby hand ball is very light, easy for babies to grasp, and it makes a crisp sound when babies pick it up and shake it. When mothers take their babies out, this hand ball that makes a rattle-like sound can play a very good role in soothing the baby's emotions. And the fetch ball is made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials, contains no harmful chemicals and is safe enough for baby's delicate skin.

Montessori Hand Grasping Ball

There are many kinds of toys that you can take with your baby when you go out, but what mothers need when purchasing should be the most convenient, most useful, safest and best quality. The six toys we recommend for you above perfectly meet these requirements. After all, everything we do is to help babies grow and develop better, so that mothers can take their babies out happily. Therefore, Tumama's designers conducted many aspects of research when designing. If you are interested in the above toys or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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