Teething chewing toys for babies with soft block and stacking balls
Squeeze toy with teething chewing features for toddlers
Soft block stacking balls for baby's sensory exploration
Baby soft block and stacking balls for tactile play

Baby soft block tacking balls, sensory soft squeeze toy, teething chewing toys for babies toddler 3 Months+

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Product No.: TM193
Type: Sorting & Stacking Toys
Tags: 0-12 Months, Cognitive Development Toys
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1. Sensory and Developmental Toy: The baby ball set is designed for tactile and sensory stimulation.Perfect for babies to explore textures, exercise senses and motor skills. Soft and light weight,different shapes and sizes to give baby fun challenges of picking up and putting fown, passing from hand to hand,develop the senses and grip of the little ones and their curiosity towards the world,it is also nice for their hand eye coordination.

2. Stress Reliever Toy: The soft squeeze balls make delightful farting sound if you press the air hole against your skin,can help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety, and boredom. These textured multi ball gift sets can increase focus and attention for autistic children and for kids with anxiety and ADHD.

3. Multi Texture, Color and Size: The textured balls are bright, colorful, they will squeak when you squeeze them which can draw baby's attention. 6 different size and textures with relief designs,they are easy for children of different ages to catch, throw, build, stack and fun to chew.Also great toys for tummy time or using in water and sensory play too.

4. Easy to Clean: The sensory ball set is made of eco-friendly durable material, safe and soft enough for your baby to play and chew.These balls can be fully washable by using sanitizer or just using dish soap and warm water.

5. Great Gift Choice: The ball set is is nicely packaged which is a perfect gift idea as Christmas, New Year,Holidays, Birthday, Halloween,Thanksgiving for toddler boys and girls.It is also nice for kids' Easter basket decoration.

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