Stacking toy with 14pcs for children's spatial awareness
Tactile play with soft building blocks for kids' development
Children's 14-piece stacking toy for hands-on exploration
String lacing beads for fine motor skills and creativity
Creative play with soft building blocks for young learners
Soft building blocks for toddlers 3 Years+

Soft building blocks, String Lacing Beads toy, stacking toy 14pcs for children 3 Years+

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Product No.: TM261
Type: Stacking Toys
Tags: 0-12 Months, Cognitive Development Toys
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String lacing beads toy for hand eye coordination Soft building blocks for sensory play in children String lacing beads for creative and educational play Tactile exploration with soft building blocks for kids 14pcs stacking toy for children_s imaginative construction String lacing beads toy for fine motor skills development Creative play with soft building blocks for toddlers Stacking toy with 14pcs for children_s cognitive development String lacing beads for creative play and coordination Children_s soft building blocks for tactile exploration 14 piece stacking toy for kids_ fine motor skills String lacing beads toy with stacking elements Soft building blocks for children_s creative play

1. Versatile Play: These vibrant beads can be strung together to create various shapes or stacked to build imaginative structures. Each bead is easy to grip, promoting fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination in infants.

2. Teething Relief: For babies in the teething phase, these soft rubber beads offer a safe and soothing solution for sore gums. The non-toxic material ensures that babies can chew on them without any risk, giving parents peace of mind.

3. Sensory Exploration: Each bead boasts a unique texture and shape, inviting babies to explore different sensory experiences. The varied colors also aid in visual development, making playtime both fun and educational. The beads come in different shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, each with a different texture that stimulates the sense of touch.

4. Safety First: Made with baby-friendly materials that are BPA-free and tested for safety, parents can have confidence that their child is playing with a toy designed with their well-being in mind. The beads are large enough to prevent any choking hazard.

5. Easy Clean-Up & Storage: Our Soft String Lacing Beads Toy is not only waterproof but also easy to clean, ensuring that your baby’s play environment remains hygienic. The string makes storage hassle-free – just hang them up after playtime!

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