Soft giraffe stacking toys set for early learning
Plush giraffe stacking toy for baby's sensory play
Hand grip rattle for 0-month-old babies' playtime
Montessori plush stacking toy for babies

Brinquedo de empilhamento de pelúcia, brinquedo de bebê montessori, conjunto de brinquedos de empilhamento de girafa macia, chocalho de mão para bebês de 0 meses

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Product No.: TM265
Type: Empilhando brinquedos
Tags: 0-36 Months, Cognitive Development Toys
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1. Lovely Deer Design: The stacking rings baby toy includes 4 stacks of different sizes and colors rings;1pcs plush base with giraffe’s feets;1pcs deer rattle toy.Colourful stacking rings for your baby to grasp,shake,stack and explore.The rings are plush and each can be used as an individual toy. Also perfect for woodland baby shower decorations.

2. Deer Stack Rings Toy: This giraffe plush rattle that teaches toddlers colours,sizes,learning to stack the rings and co-ordination.Good for coordination and fine motor skills.many colours and textures to help in development.The giraffe head does keep falling off..Encourages hand eye co-ordination along with challenging her to solve the puzzle of putting the rings back onto the tower and maybe even ordering them by size.

3. Soft Plush Material: Safe,Colourful.Soft and easy to hold Giraffe Toy rattle holder.Baby able to hold and shake at 6 months,kept her occupied.Great for baby is just starting to grab things with little control of her arms and It’s soft & protected design means she won’t hurt herself if she bangs herself in the face.Can be used for teething, bright colours and soft textures.

4. Desenvolvimento do cérebro: Cores vibrantes e vários anéis de jogo ajudam a desenvolver o reconhecimento de cores, habilidades motoras finas, habilidades de contagem. O chocalho girafa aceita anéis de cores e tamanhos diferentes, fortalecendo a coordenação mão-olho. habilidades motoras.Cada anel apresenta uma textura e peso diferentes;A variedade textural é ótima para boca.

5. Perfect Gift Set for Baby Newborn: The giraffe stack ring toys have smooth edges and fit size is suitable for babies to practice grasping. It can also be packed and played indoor or outdoor. And it is the best gift for baby shower gifts Christmas gift Idea as Holidays, Birthday, Halloween,Thanksgiving, New Year,Children's Day,Easter for baby boys and girls.

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