The Ultimate Guide to Knowing and Using Baby Shower Head

Baby Shower Head for taking a bath for your baby

Taking a bath for your baby with a baby shower head is not just for cleaning, but a way for baby to get a tactile experience and explore the outside world. 

Taking a bath for your baby with a baby shower head is not just for cleaning, but a way for baby to get a tactile experience and explore the outside world. Additionally, the gentle stream of water sprayed from the shower head can calm your baby down. And the baby can have a pleasure feeling when they are bathing. If you're a mom, please follow our guide today to learn about the benefits of using a baby shower head. Also, we will give you basic tips on using a baby shower head.

What is a Baby Shower Head?

Baby shower head is a bathing tool used in baby bathing, designed to provide babies with a gentle, safe and good bathing experience. Unlike standard shower heads used in adult bathing, shower heads designed for babies usually have a softer flow of water. To make baby's bath time smooth and fun, baby shower heads are usually designed with cute animal images, flowers, white clouds, etc.

What are the Benefits of Using a Baby Shower Head?

1. Tactile stimulation

The feel of the water and the gentle pressure of the shower head provide tactile experience to your baby. They can stimulate your baby's sense of touch. This stimulation is important for the development of sensory processing abilities.

2. Cognitive development

Bath time is a good chance to make your baby know about the relation between cause and effect. When the water spray from the shower head, babies begin to understand that their actions affect things around them.

3. Motor skill development

Any baby will kick and swim unconsciously when playing in the water. Then, their motor skills would be developed. Moreover, interacting with the water spray from the shower head can also develop baby's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

4. Temperature awareness

Babies experience a temperature difference when the warm water from the shower head is sprayed on them, which helps them understand the world around them.

How to Choose a Baby Shower Head?

1. Material safety

When mothers buy the baby shower head, their first consideration should be the material safety. For example, whether the material does not contain BPA, whether the material is mildew-proof, etc. These are all the factors that should be taken into consideration when moms buying a baby shower head.

2. Adjustable Head

When choosing a baby shower head, mothers should look at the flexibility and length of the hose, as well as whether it can flexibly adjust the height and direction. In this way, the water can be sprayed according to the angle of the baby when the baby moves flexibly.

3. Design and aesthetics

Although not as important as safety, a baby shower head will make bath time more relaxing and enjoyable if the appearance of the baby shower head is attractive enough.

4. Durability and Maintenance

A good baby shower head should be easy to clean. If possible, shower heads should have removable parts to avoid mold buildup. Only in this way can it not affect the health of the baby.

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Using?

1. Check the water temperature

Checking the water temperature is a must before taking a bath for your baby. We all know that babies’ skin is relatively delicate and more susceptible to burns than adult skin, so moms should pay special attention. Therefore, it is best for mothers to bathe their babies with water temperature of 98.6°F (37°C).

2. Soft water pressure

Mothers should test the water pressure in advance when using the baby shower head. Because the strong current may scare the baby. Gentle water pressure will make babies more willing to enjoy the comfortable experience of bathing.

3. Accompany your baby throughout the process

No matter how old the baby is, mommy must be there with your baby when he takes a bath. It has been reported that babies are at risk of drowning in even one inch of water. Therefore, mother's constant supervision is necessary during the whole bathing time.

4. Bath time

If your baby is a newborn, ideal bath time should be kept to 5 to 10 minutes. As your baby becomes a larger infant, you can extend the bath time to 15 to 20 minutes. In short, mothers should not bathe their babies for too long to prevent them from catching cold.

5. Gradually introduce

If your baby seems afraid of the shower head at first, introduce it slowly. You can try letting them see and hear the sound of running water first, then gently sprinkle the water on their feet, and then slowly walk up after they get used to it.

6. Clean the shower head

Regular cleaning of the baby shower head is also an important step. Regular cleaning can effectively prevent bacterial growth and mineral deposits. This can not only allow the baby shower head to spray water normally, but is also good to the baby's health.

7. Post-bath care

Wraping the baby in a towel in time to prevent the baby from catching cold. Also, mothers can apply baby-specific moisturizing cream to their babies to keep their skin moist. Then, you can put your baby into clothes as soon as possible.

Where Can You Buy the Best Baby Shower Head? 

If you are looking for a suitable baby shower head for your baby, then I highly recommend this baby shower head with spinner toys from Tumama. This shower head is based on a giraffe and looks cute and fun. Quickly attract your baby's attention. In addition, this shower head comes with small rotating toys. When these little toys are placed in the bathtub, they swim quickly through the water. The baby will immediately become interested in it after seeing it. To make baby's bathing more convenient, Tumama's designers designed this shower head to be adjustable. Therefore, the shower head can be flexibly bent in the direction you want during the baby shower. The most important thing is that Tumama's baby shower head is made of high-quality materials and is BPA-free, so mothers can buy it with confidence.

Baby bath toy shower head with spinner toys
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