Soft and safe animal rattles for infants
Baby play mat with soft book and rattles
Animal teething toys for infant play gym
Mirror toy for baby's playtime exploration

Baby play gym mat with soft book, animal rattle teething toys mirror toy for baby infant 0 Month+

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Product No.: TM263
Type: Play Gyms
Tags: 0-36 Months, Baby Sleep & Relax Toys
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1. All-Round Development Set: 4 Removable sensory hanging rattle plush toys .1baby safe distorting mirror on one haning toy for self-discovery; 1cloth book for graphics &colors cognitive. 1 Moon pillow as lying pillow&tummy time mat for infants. 1 play mat provides a comfortable and secure mini space for baby's daily activity.2 elastic adjustable gym bracket . Totally meet the baby's growth fun needs.

2. Safe and Comfortable Material: The baby gym play mat is made of soft fabric,which can bring a soft touch to the baby.Safe and soft materials make your little one feel comfortable play on the fitness mat.The most suitable thickness makes the mat more breathable.the mat is easy to washable,wipe and clean,which is good for keeping hygienic. A good choice for babies and toddlers.Recommended for Newborns .

3. Easy to Assemble and Take down: Special design makes assembly and take down easier.It can be installed or disassembled in a short time.All parts are easy to assemble.The upper arch can be removed from the gym mat, used as a basic play mat. The hanging baby toys can also be easily removed and hang with other toys that the baby likes. All of these make the mat convenient to store and carry.

4. Develop Baby's Multiple Abilities: Lovely hanging toys,double sided learning cloth book(front is the cool transport illustration,back is the lovely animal illustration),magic distorting mirror on hanging animal,offering hours of playtime made to develop baby's motor ability and basic cognitive ability. Baby learn while playing. A best way to attract baby's attention.

5. Best Early Educational Toys Set for Baby: The baby is full of strong curiosity about new things, so many activities that have been very well thought out to grow with the child.This gym play matsset designed to promote cognitive,visual,sound accomplishment and motor development from newborn to toddler.From tummy time to sit and play.That would be a great baby Christmas ,Holidays,Birthday,Halloween,Thanksgiving,NewYear Gift. Lasting fun for infants to young toddlers.

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