6 Things Moms Must Know about Baby Play Gym

baby play gym for growth and development

Enhance mothers, especially novice mothers, multi-faceted understanding of baby play gym and help babies grow better.

If you are a mother who is choosing a play gym for your baby, especially a new mother, then you must not miss the content of this blog. In this blog, we specifically answer the 6 things mothers need to consider when choosing a play gym and the main questions they will encounter. We believe you will benefit greatly from it.

1. Are Play Gyms Good for Babies?

Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development suggests that sensory and motor experiences are the foundation of early learning. Play gym is one of the best tools for early learning for babies. Play gyms are great for babies and can provide a range of developmental benefits for babies if used correctly and safely by mothers. These benefits mainly include the development of baby's motor skills, improving the baby's hand-eye coordination, stimulating the baby's sensory development, promoting the baby's cognitive development, thereby promoting the development of various physiological functions of the baby.

2. When Should Babies Start Using Play Gym?

Some new mothers of newborn babies may think that baby activity gym is not needed when the baby is still young, but in fact, babies who are just 2-3 months old can use play gym. This is because the toys hanging above the play gym can attract babies and focus their attention, thereby stimulating their visual development. Your baby's tummy time should be short at first, but can gradually increase as they grow. This is important for developing overall strength in both the neck and upper body. But moms should also know that each baby develops at his or her own pace, and the use of the playroom should be adapted to the baby's personal growth and comfort level.

3. How Long Can Baby Play in Baby Gym?

The duration of playing under the play gym for babies of different ages is different, which is mainly based on the age, temperament and interests of the baby. But generally the following guidelines apply:

Newborns (0-3 months): Because newborns tire quickly, play gym time may only last a few minutes, about 5-10 minutes at a time.

Infants (3-6 months): As babies grow and become better able to control their movements and become more interested in their surroundings, playtime can be extended to 15-20 minutes. Some babies may enjoy it for up to 30 minutes if they are engaged and content.

Older Babies (6 months+): Older babies may happily play for 30 minutes, sometimes even longer. However, mothers need to continue to monitor them for signs that they need rest.

4. What Should I Look for When Choosing a Baby Play Gym?

Here are a few key factors that moms need to consider when choosing a baby playroom to ensure it is attractive, developmentally friendly and completely safe for their baby.

Safe and non-toxic: First of all, make sure that the play gym has a strong enough structure and is well made so that it will not tip over or collapse easily. Secondly, moms should pay attention to see that the materials used to make the play gym are non-toxic and check that the product meets safety standards set by organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the equivalent in your country.

Design aesthetics: Mothers should also choose a play gym design that you think is attractive to the baby and can provide an aesthetic experience. After all, it is also important for babies to develop a good sense of aesthetics from an early age.

Versatility: Moms should also look to see if the play gym is height-adjustable, if the toys on it are removable, and if the play gym is easy to assemble and disassemble.

5. How Can I Ensure My Baby's Safety When Using a Play Gym?

Of course, safety is paramount for all baby toys including play gyms. Mothers should pay attention to the following points when using play gym for their babies:

Supervise at any time: While babies are still very young, mothers should never leave their babies alone in the playground, even for a short period of time. When the baby is playing in the play gym, the mother should always pay attention to the baby's movements and keep the baby within easy reach to prevent any accidents.

Regular inspection: Moms should check their baby's play gym regularly for loose parts or damage that could pose a risk. For example, some hanging plush toys are tied up. At this time, you need to check whether they are firmly tied to prevent the toy from suddenly falling and hitting the baby's eyes.

Beware of the danger of strangulation: This is mainly for mothers to be aware of any cords or cords that may pose a strangulation hazard. Keep cords out of baby's reach. It’s important to remember never to modify your gym with extra ropes or cords.

Proper use: Mothers must clearly understand that the gym is for babies to play with, not for sleeping. When your baby is drowsy or asleep, follow safe sleep guidelines and be sure to move your baby to a safe place to sleep.

6. Where Can I Buy a Best Play Gym?

If you want to buy a good play gym, please come to Tumama. Tumama's baby play gym has the best materials, best design, and best workmanship. For example, the following play gym has two arched fitness frames, which ensures stability and safety. The soft and easy-to-clean play mat provides a good environment for baby's tummy time. The footrest design on the fitness frame provides a good opportunity for the baby's foot and leg strength development. Moreover, this foot pedal also has sound and light effects, which can bring good sensory stimulation to the baby. Soft gel teething toys are hung on the arched fitness frame, which meet safety standards and are non-toxic.

baby play gym with acousto and optic pedal

In short, the proper use of baby play gyms has many benefits for babies. Mothers need to know more about the use of this toy when buying it for their babies, so that it can play its greatest role in the growth and development of babies. . If you have any questions about baby play gym, please feel free to contact Tumama.

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